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What is FinEst Centre for Smart Cities?

FinEst Centre for Smart Cities is an innovation and research excellence community based in Tallinn, Estonia. This project has received funding from two grants: the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, under the grant agreement No. 856602, and the European Regional Development Fund, co-funded by the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research, under grant agreement No. 2014-2020.4.01.20-0289.

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Recent news

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You can now get Estonian weather data from FinEst Centre's homepage!

To gather the data we are using Urban Open Platform which fetches weather data from two different sources Road weather data and Estonian weather stations hourly. Data is exported monthly into two different files, one for Datex (Road weather data) and another for weather stations. Information can be downloaded from FinEst Centre’s weather data page. We also present the data using Power bi.

FinEst Centre started to collect the data as a use case.

You can find the weather data HERE!

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FinEst Centre participates in a new Horizon Europe project „EDIAQI“

The FinEst Centre, in collaboration with key researchers from TalTech, has received follow-up funding for the DigiAudit pilot. The new Horizon Europe project starts in Fall 2022 and lasts for four years, coordinated by Lisbon Council. The entire budget for this project is around 8 million euros and it involves partners from at least 10 European countries, including two partners from Estonia (TalTech and Thinnect). 

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FinEst Centre participated in SmartCO Summit on Smart Cities in Latin America

As a Cap4City project partner, FinEst Centre for Smart Cities participated on the first SmartCo Summit on smart cities in Bogota, Colombia, with introducing our concept to hundreds of participants. Thanks to this, several Research and Innovation partnerships were initiated with followup also planned with the mega-city of Bogota. 

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