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FinEst Centre participated in SmartCO Summit on Smart Cities in Latin America

As a Cap4City project partner, FinEst Centre for Smart Cities participated on the first SmartCo Summit on smart cities in Bogota, Colombia, with introducing our concept to hundreds of participants. Thanks to this, several Research and Innovation partnerships were initiated with followup also planned with the mega-city of Bogota. 

During the summit, Luiza Schuch de Azambuja presented the Smart Sustainable City Goverance roadmap created to help the in the identification of sustainability challenges and governance aspects to be considered when developing SSC initiatives.


The CAP4CITY project aims to strength governance capacity for smart sustainable cities in Latin America. One of the outcomes of the CAP4CITY project is the just launched MOOC (massive online open course)  "Smart and Sustainable Cities: New Ways of Digitalization & Governance". The MOOC is a spin-off of the EU-funded Cap4City project and has been developed by experts in the field of Smart Sustainable Cities from twelve different universities in Latin America and Europe. Dr. Ralf-Martin Soe  and Luiza Schuch de Azambuja are part of the group of lectures representing Tallinn University of Technology.


It is still possible to register to the online course HERE! 

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