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The European Commission announced the 100 selected cities to join the Cities Mission


Recently, the European Commission published the list of the 100 EU cities that have been selected to be part of the EU Mission for 100 Climate Neutral and Smart Cities by 2030, also known as the Cities Mission. The designated cities come from all 27 EU countries, with 12 additional cities coming from countries associated or with the potential of being associated to Horizon Europe. These cities were selected from among 362 eligible cities that expressed an interest in becoming climate-neutral by 2030. The Cities Mission will now work with different stakeholders to ensure that the designated cities reach climate neutrality by 2030 and that they act as hubs for experimentation and innovation and enable all European cities to follow suit by 2050.

The FinEst Centre for the Smart Cities is a partner in the NetZeroCities, the EU Mission Platform for Climate Neutral and Smart Cities, that will work as a service-oriented platform providing tailor-made advice and comprehensive support to help the selected Mission cities overcome the structural, institutional and cultural barriers they currently face to achieve their net-zero goal in a socially inclusive way. In addition to supporting the cities that are part of the EU’s Mission on Climate-neutral and Smart Cities by 2030, NetZeroCities will launch a series of Pilots to test innovative ideas and help drive rapid learning about how to achieve climate neutrality at city scale. NetZeroCities, jointly with FinEst Centre for Smart Cities, will also run a Twinning programme to enable peer learning and promote the replication of solutions between pilots and other European cities.

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