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Real-Time Building Performance Audit

DigiAudit - FinEst Large Pilot - FinEst Centre for Smart Cities


The project aims to improve the energy performance and indoor climate of buildings through digital monitoring and management. Real-time monitoring of energy consumption and indoor climate enables automatic analysis of the energy use and indoor climate parameters of buildings, identification of inconsistencies, and comparison of buildings.

To develop the DigiAudit solution, 45 educational buildings in Tallinn and Tartu are planned to be connected to the platform, based on which algorithms for energy efficiency and indoor climate analysis will be developed. The user interface of the platform consists of two main views: a portfolio view, where the data of the property owner's buildings connected to the system is presented in a comprehensive manner, and a view of the building, with more detailed information about each building.

The project focuses mainly on educational buildings, but the developed solution will benefit all property owners with a portfolio of buildings.

The pilot program is funded by the European Regional Development Fund and the Estonian Ministry of Research and Education.​

about the pilot




DigiAudit's solution enables a data-based and real-time overview of the energy use and indoor climate parameters of buildings. Analyses and identification of possible performance problems are carried out automatically.

solution description

DigiAudit solution has four main components:

Digiaudit 1234 ENG.png

Based on the data collected through the interfaces in the database, DigiAudit automatically performs:

-  Data quality analysis (whether the data are received and whether the data are adequate)

-  Assessment of the building's usage times based on the building's energy use and indoor air CO2 concentration

-  Assessment of indoor climate parameters (temperature and CO2)

-  Analysis of energy use (energy use by energy carriers and by service systems, energy performance certificate)

-  Comparison with other similar buildings (based on the ≈35,000 energy performance certificates in the Building Registry)

The user interface buildings portfolio view contains summary information about the total energy use of the buildings (heat and electricity), energy costs, and carbon footprint. The energy performance certificates and indoor climate classes of buildings connected to the platform are presented in an overview form.

The building view contains more detailed information about each building: energy performance certificate, indoor climate class, use of heat and electricity, energy balance (heating of rooms, heating of ventilation air, heating of hot water, the electricity of service systems, etc.) and comparison with other similar buildings. The temperature and CO2 content of indoor air in rooms are presented in real time.


TalTech Kurnitski2.jpg

Pilot Lead

Prof. Jarek Kurnitski

Kalle Kuusk.jpg

Pilot Lead

Kalle Kuusk

Partner Cities: Tallinn & Tartu, Estonia



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