FinEst Centre participates in a new Horizon Europe project „EDIAQI“

The FinEst Centre, in collaboration with key researchers from TalTech, has received follow-up funding for the DigiAudit pilot. The new Horizon Europe project starts in Fall 2022 and lasts for four years, coordinated by Lisbon Council. The entire budget for this project is around 8 million euros and it involves partners from at least 10 European countries, including two partners from Estonia (TalTech and Thinnect). 


Content-wise, the project deals with indoor air pollution, an emerging threat recognized by European society, that is claiming millions of lives annually. To increase the resilience of EU for emerging threats of indoor air pollution and to promote living and working in healthy environments, the EDIAQI project aims at conducting characterization of sources and routes of exposure and dispersion of chemical, biological, and emerging- indoor air pollution in multiple cities in EU. The chosen project strategy for developing, characterization, and deployment of cost-effective/user-friendly monitoring solutions, together with the-state-of-the-art scientific instrumentation will allow to create new knowledge on sources, routes of exposure, and body burdens of indoor multipollutant.