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FinEst Centre for Smart Cities' Community

FinEst Centre for Smart Cities connects people from different organisations and backgrounds. You can find them and their contact info here.

Advisory Board of the FinEst Centre for Smart Cities

  • Chair: Rainer Kattel (UCL-IIPP)  

  • Francesca Bria (Italian National Innovation Fund, UCL-IIPP)  

  • Jarmo Eskelinen (Edinburgh University)    

  • Marko Turpeinen (Aalto University, 1001 Lakes)  

  • Michael Batty (UCL-CASA)  

  • Pontus Westerberg (UN-Habitat)    

  • Roope Ritvos (Demos Helsinki)    

  • Umberto Fugiglando (MIT Senseable City Lab)  

  • Seth Lackman (Fujitsu Estonia; Estonian ICT Association)  

  • Anne Sulling  (Entrepreneur, Ex-Minister for Entrepreneurship and Ex member of EU’s Climate Neutral and Smart Cities Mission Board)  

  • Marja-Leena Rinkineva (City of Helsinki) 

FinEst Pilots' Leads

In FinEst Centre for Smart Cities, we have four ongoing Large Pilots: Real-Time Building Performance Audit (DigiAudit), A Conceptual Ecosystem Solution to Transport System Management (Future Mobility), Reducing Energy Supply Requirements Using Microgrids and Energy Storage (Microgrids) and Tallinn-Helsinki Dynamic Green Information Model (GreenTwins) and two Mid-Size pilots: Renovation Strategy Support (RESTO) and Urban Planning Well-being Score for Good Quality Living Environment (Well-being Score)

Affiliated Researchers

The affiliated researchers are those who work directly for the research streams of FinEst Centre for Smart Cities. To become an affiliated researcher, please contact us. Read more about FinEst Centre's Research Streams here.

Affiliated Researchers

University profile

Matti Huotari

Smart Energy, Urban Analytics & Data Stream, Smart City Governance


Laura Mrosla

Built Environment, Urban Analytics & Data Stream


Pauline Baudens

Smart Mobility


Dmitrii Ingi

Built Environment


Mergime Ibrahimi

Smart Mobility, Urban Analytics & Data


Francesco Tonnarelli

Built Environment, Smart City Governance


Silver Sternfeldt

Built Environment, Urban Analytics & Data, Well-being Score pilot


Dmitri Vinnikov

Smart Energy


Kaija Veskioja

Smart Energy, Smart City Governance, Urban Analytics & Data


Kaja Mädamürk

Built Environment, Smart City Governance,
Well-being Score pilot


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