Second Smart City Exchange Forum

by FinEst Centre for Smart Cities

27 of January 2022

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Smart cities for citizens: Tangible Smart City solutions

The Second Exchange Forum focuses on the role of the citizens to create tangible smart city solutions. This Exchange Forum consists of three panel discussions: The first panel will reflect around how the smart cities enable citizen centric governance, the second on digital tools and citizen inputs for creating better urban spaces and the third on how citizens can be involved with cities to reach sustainable development goals.

The Exchange Forum is a space to question the role of smart cities in the future of urban life. Who are smart cities for? How can technological solutions improve citizens quality of life? How does research in FinEst Centre for Smart Cities support the transition towards smarter and more sustainable cities?


The Exchange Forum will bring together examples from tangible smart city solutions, from practitioners, city representatives and research and institutions. Many of the people involved are also part of the Piloting Programmes of FinEst Centre.

How to participate in this year's Smart City Exchange Forum?

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Image by Hibiki Hosoi

The Smart City Exchange Forum is the culmination of one year of work and progress by the members of the FinEst Centre for Smart City's research streams. As the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we were forced to revisit the First Smart City Conference originally planned for the 5th of November of 2020 in Tallinn and transform it into the current format as the Smart City Exchange Forum. The First Smart City Exchange Forum was held on the 21st of January of 2021.

This event is gathers content from a series of smaller talks and seminars and from the most relevant research of FinEst Centre. The Forum is currently an hybrid online event for our research community to communicate their ideas and plans as well as to share their research and find new connections with practitioners and cities. 

The aim of the Forum is to communicate the research content of FinEst Centre and to enhance cooperation and networking between researchers from Estonia and Finland as well as between cities, policy makers, citizens, NGO-s, SMES and other relevant stakeholders for developing sustainable, resilient and smarter urban environment.