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FinEst Centre for Smart Cities grants

FinEst Centre is actively developing research and innovation projects to create value through new services and partnerships with the help of EU funding including Horizon Europe and Interreg programs.
You can find them here:

FinEst Twins

The FinEst Twins is a project that is building the first global cross-border smart city centre of excellence - FinEst Centre for Smart Cities


Project researches the interplay between security controls and multimodal transport systems in the cities of Tallinn and Genova


Artificial Intelligence threat Reporting and Incident response System.


TREASoURcE stands for Territorial and regional demonstrations of systemic solutions of key value chains and their replication to deploy circular economy.  


NetZeroCities will help Europe in its ambition to achieve climate neutrality. The project comes in support of the EU’s Mission “100 Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities by 2030” and will provide cities with world-class expertise and services tailored to their needs.

-  Urban Learning Centre

The UNDP is setting up an Urban Learning Center for 300 cities in Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and the Republic of Moldova with Tallinn as a potential Nordic Star Inspirational City.


18 leading European organisations join forces to address and tackle the emerging threats of indoor air pollution and to promote living and working in healthy environments in Europe.


Project combines 3 larger Baltic Sea Cities (Helsinki, Hamburg and Stockholm) with 3 replicator cities (Tartu, Riga and Gdansk) for developing and implementing joint concepts for urban air mobility, related to landing sites, social acceptance and drone policy development.


Introducing adaptive community-based biodiversity management in urban areas for improved connectivity and ecosystem health for cities of Tartu, Aarhus and Riga

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