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Tallinn-Helsinki Dynamic Green Information Model

GreenTwins - FinEst Large Pilot - FinEst Centre for Smart Cities

Connecting built environment, vegetation and people by using urban digital twins.


about the pilot

The aim of the GreenTwins project is twofold:

to create and visualize through user-friendly interfaces the layer of dynamic digital vegetation for the Urban Digital Twins of Helsinki and Tallinn;

to create user-friendly physical and virtual spaces for digitally aided public participation and collaboration.


Thus, GreenTwins aims to bring forward the importance of urban vegetation for the well-being of citizens, to forecast and visualize the temporal and seasonal changes in urban vegetation, as well as to involve citizens into designing urban green areas.


The outcomes of the GreenTwins project are:

Digital tools: Virtual Green Planner (VGP) and Urban Tempo (UT)
VGP is a Unity game-engine based 3D application for co-designing built and green areas. It is primarily meant as a tool for active citizens to create alternative urban visions and discuss them. UT is a COVISE based 3D augmented reality application for realistic visualisations of built and green areas. It is meant as a tool for professionals and active citizens to view the temporal and seasonal changes in the urban vegetation.


Layer of vegetation for Urban Digital Twin (UDT)
The digital plant library extends the UDT by creating a layer of dynamic digital urban vegetation. The dynamic aspect is a major novelty of the GreenTwins project. The layer of vegetation includes 3D models of plants and the information about their growth patterns and seasonal changes in the local climatic conditions. Thus, the layer of vegetation allows professionals and active citizens to view how the visual appearance and the ecosystem services of the urban green areas will likely change over time and depending of the season. The layer of vegetation is used in the digital tools VGP and UT.


Physical space: AvaLinn (Open City, est.)
Smart City Planning Hub in the city center of Tallinn at Kaarli pst 1 is a physical space equipped with state-of-the-art visualization technology for facilitating digitally aided participation and collaboration in urban planning. This physical space makes it possible to bring together various stakeholders—without concern for their level of digital literacy—into planning discussions and decision-making. Digital tools, in turn, are seen merely as means for building common understanding of future change in the built environment.

The pilot project is 100% financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research.

AvaLinn Smart City Planning Hub concept. Interior design by Velvet OU..png




The GreenTwins pilotproject offers feasible, needed and commercially viable solutions, that help integrating the greenery information layer in urban planning. In contrast to other similar solutions, GreenTwins solutions include the temporal and seasonal aspect of greenery, allowing to forecast and visualise the changes in greenery over the years and with season.

Photo 2. Urban Tempo. March_Arpil 2022.JPG

GreenTwins pilot's solution is for:

-  Cities and counties

-  Software companies which provide city modeling and urban data services

-  Educational institutions

GreenTwins pilot offers:

-  Solutions for large-scale mapping of urban vegetation using AI analysis of ortophotos

-  Modelling and visualisation of urban vegetation in 3D applications Virtual Green Planner (conceptual visualisations) and Urban Tempo (realistic visualisations)

-  Hybrid and digital tools for engaging various stakeholders (citizens, developers, etc.) in planning discussions

-  Physical space in the city centre of Tallinn at Kaarli pst 1 for digitally aided discussions on various topics

-  Consultancy on urban vegetation mapping, modelling and visualisation, and integration of greenery layer into existing urban databases

Watch how Virtual Green Planner works!


Fabian Dembski.jpg

Project Lead

Prof. Fabian Dembski

Aija Staffans.jpg

Project Lead

D.Sc. Aija Staffans

Viktorija Prilenska.JPG

Project Manager

Viktorija Prilenska, PhD

Partner Cities: Tallinn, Estonia and Helsinki, Finland

Tallinn City webpage for the pilot

GreenTwins Facebook page:









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