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Are you interested in research, do you want to gain new experiences and like reading?

Then you are certainly interested in working with us!


As part of the GreenTwins project, we are currently doing a Systematic Literature Review (SLR) and are looking for curious students who would like to work with us.


What is it about?

As the name suggests, an slr is a scientific paper in the form of a Literature Review that attempts to collect, summarise and critically evaluate all available knowledge on a specific topic using appropriate methods. The basis of every review paper is the already published scientific literature.

Our SLR is about modelling and visualisation of green infrastructure (incl. aspects of urban biodiversity and wildlife) in Urban Digital Twins / 3D City Models.


What you can learn:

- How to conduct an SLR

- How to use the programme atlas.ti

- Everything you need to know about modelling and visualising green infrastructure in Urban Digital Twins

- How to prepare, structure and write a scientific paper and conduct research

- Teamwork in a multidisciplinary and international team


Workload and schedule:

Our weekly meeting is virtually on Mondays (1h) and the minimum of working hours are 6 hours / week. The rest of the workload and schedule depends on your disposability! You can work from anywhere.



We are happy to talk about the remuneration individually. There is also the possibility have the work credited to you as a research seminar (ECTS).


If you are interested or have any questions - feel free to contact us!

We are looking forward to your message to:

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