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FinEst Centre for Smart Cities


What is FinEst Centre for Smart Cities?

FinEst Centre for Smart Cities is an innovation and research excellence community based in Tallinn, Estonia. This project has received funding from two grants: the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, under the grant agreement No. 856602, and the European Regional Development Fund, co-funded by the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research, under grant agreement No. 2014-2020.4.01.20-0289.

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Smart Mobility

Recent news

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Smart City Research and Innovation Trends for 2023

Smart cities use technology to improve the quality of life for citizens, increase efficiency and sustainability, and enhance the overall performance of a city - using this principle, we shifted from asking the ChatGPT AI somewhat mainstream and naive keywords “smart city and research trends for 2023” to pinpointing our focus and emphasizing the most important aspects: How are these trends relevant for people and in which form they would be implemented in reality?

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GreenTwins - what has been done?

Urban Digital Twins (UDTs) as digital environments for modelling and simulating change in cities, are promising instruments to overcome the challenges of rapid urbanization, social inequity, anthropogenic climate change, and biodiversity loss. However, in this regard, the representation of the green infrastructure in UDTs, and the interaction between the UDTs and the stakeholders, are limited and recognized as a significant development gap. GreenTwins project addresses these deficiencies by contributing to the UDTs of Tallinn and Helsinki and by creating interfaces between the UDTs and the stakeholders.

All developments began in autumn 2020 with the Smart City Challenge, and it is expect to get functional prototypes and demos by June 2023.

READ MORE what the GreenTwins pilot team has been done so far

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GreenTwins pilot project's team is looking for curios students who would like to do Systematic Literature Review

Are you interested in research, do you want to gain new experiences and like reading?
Then you are certainly interested in working with GreenTwins pilot project team!

As part of the GreenTwins project, we are currently doing a Systematic Literature Review (SLR) and are looking for curious students who would like to work with us.

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