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Aija Staffans

Senior Research Fellow at Aalto University, Finland

“Together we make the smart city.”

Aija Staffans

Dr. Aija Staffans is an architect and works as Senior Research Fellow at Aalto University, Finland. Her research interest is in urban planning and design, especially in collaborative processes and knowledge integration. She is a pioneer in developing participatory met¬hods and digitally supported platforms for land use planning. Dr. Staffans has initiated and managed several major research projects with over forty public and private partners. Since 2018, she manages the multi-disciplinary key research area of human-centered living environments, Aalto Living+. In 2016-2019 she visited Politecnico di Milano and from 2021 she is affiliated to Tallinn University of Technology. Dr. Staffans holds several positions of trust and expertise in academic, professional and NGO organizations.

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