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Krista Kampus

Head of Strategy Development and International Cooperation at Tallinn Strategy Centre

"The smart city is not about the efficiency of the deployment of innovative solutions, but about how it contributes towards achieving the value-based goals of sustainable urban development, such as climate and social resilience and co-creation with the citizens."

Krista Kampus

Krista has an academic background in governance and political science and has more than 20 years of experience in sustainable urban development, climate and regional policy. She has led the UN 2030 Agenda and climate cooperation at the Council of the Baltic Sea States. In addition, Krista was in charge of establishing the City of Tallinn Smart City Projects Competence Centre and the Green Transition Competence Centre. Currently, she is working as the Executive Director of the European Green Capital 2023 and the Head of the EU Affairs and International Cooperation at the Tallinn Strategic Management Office.

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