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Kristi Grišakov

Researcher at FinEst Centre for Smart Cities and lecturer at the TalTech Academy of Architecture and Urban Studies

"In this era revolving around emphasising individual needs, it is very easy to forget how to co-create shared futures. Public participation is similar to any other skill, that needs to be trained to become habitual culture."

Kristi Grišakov

Kristi Grišakov is an urban planner and researcher at Taltech and project manager of GreenTwins pilot. Kristi has 12 years experience in academic research in both Finland and Estonia and has studied urban planning and urban culture in Netherlands, UK and Belgium. She is an expert in future thinking methods and has produced trend analysis and scenario reports for different spatial development contexts, most notable she edited the future living environment chapter for the latest Estonian Human Development Report. She has contributed or lead over dozen urban planning, mobility and scenario projects internationally in the past 5 years. She has worked with both public and private sectors and with medium size EU municipalities and universities in the Baltics and the Nordics.

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