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Roope Ritvos

Director of Research Operations in Demos Helsinki

"Cities are the main stage for the play where we, the people, try to solve the global climate and inequality crises. Sometimes adding smartness, testing innovations, and asking citizens for opinions leads to outcomes that hinder, not help, to solve these crises. We need radically improved ways for joint action to meet the urgency needed."

Roope Ritvos

Roope Ritvos is Director of research operations at Demos Helsinki, an independent think tank working towards more fair and sustainable societies. Originally a designer by training from the University of Art and Design Helsinki, he is an expert in design-driven innovation, urban living labs, and open innovation ecosystems, with a focus on emerging technologies and their role in the society. Prior to Demos, he was Director of new initiatives at Forum Virium Helsinki - a global pioneer in smart cities. His smart city work includes for example setting up the Smart Kalasatama living lab, Jätkäsaari District Mobility Lab in Helsinki and various autonomous mobility, eldercare robot and urban data projects.

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