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Teemu Peltonen

Project Manager in Smart City and Mobility solutions, City of Turku

“The smart city technology is here and now we need brave and smart decisions to use it for more people and environment friendly cities.”

Teemu Peltonen

I have a background in technology, philosophy and pedagogy . I have 8 years of experience on academic research on RF- and millimeter- antenna design, embedded systems, electromagnetic simulations and mathematic modelling. I have also done vastly research and education on privacy, surveillance, IT-ethics, environmental and animal ethics and business and leadership ethics. For the past 3,5 years I’ve been developing smart mobility solutions at the city of Turku focusing on improving city parking and traffic in a low-carbon and customer friendly way with various data- and IoT-solutions, and also business friendly with open data structure. I’ve been involved in Finnish traffic law evaluation with city of Turku and with Finland’s parking wardens advisory board as well as ITS-directive re-evaluation with Eurocities taskforce.

With smart cities my interest lies in the endless possibilities. The pace of life has increased hugely within the last few decades and people are more mobile. With smart city solutions we can provide better mobility with more sustainable way which is my main area of the work that I do. These solutions can also provide us with more energy efficient and sustainable way in various common city functions like lighting, heating, electricity distribution, irrigation and so on. Not to mention wise decision making where decisions are made based on actual, analyzed, large scale data.

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