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FinEst Centre's smart city pilots business opportunities panel

On November 9. FinEst Centre arranged an expert panel for our pilot projects to get feedback to their commercialization plans and also new ideas for alternatives. From six pilots there is potential and plan to create three new companies, licence one solution to an existing company and two services would be offered to cities by the FinEst Centre for Smart Cities.



FinEst Centre's Future Mobility project piloting in Rae Municipality by Mr. Mart Võrklaev

Rae parish is an innovative and dynamic municipality in the northern Estonia, closely integrated with the capital of Estonia, Tallinn. Similarly, to the global success story of digital Estonia on the central government level, innovation and uptake of novel technologies is a key priority for Rae Municipality.

FinEst Centre has initiated a large-scale pilot, A Conceptual Ecosystem Solution to Transport System Management (Future Mobility) in Rae Municipality.

Listen what the Member of Municipal Council, Rae Municipality, Mr. Mart Võrklaev talk about Rae Municipality and FinEst Centre’s pilot project Future Mobility

See video HERE!



Not just creating projects but driving innovation

One of the initial ideas and goals of the FinEst Centre was to advance Estonia’s high-level research, innovation and entrepreneurship potential by establishing active knowledge-transfer and partnerships with counterparts from Finland. Developing proposals for the competitive research and innovation funding grants is an obvious way of achieving that goal. For that reason, it is also one of the performance indicators of the FinEst Centre.

Together with our pilots’ teams and our core research and innovation team we try to identify the most interesting calls that would develop our expertise and relationships with partners across Europe. Especially important for us is the cross-border activities involving cities across Europe to test and pilot our solutions. This enables our researchers and innovators to collaborate with partners across the value chain.



FinEst Centre participated in SmartCO Summit on Smart Cities in Latin America

As a Cap4City project partner, FinEst Centre for Smart Cities participated on the first SmartCo Summit on smart cities in Bogota, Colombia, with introducing our concept to hundreds of participants. Thanks to this, several Research and Innovation partnerships were initiated with followup also planned with the mega-city of Bogota. 



Cities as a Test Bed for Climate Neutrality: €32 million in Support for EU Cities Mission Pilot Cities

NetZeroCities is launching a groundbreaking programme that tests new approaches to reaching climate neutrality goals across cities in Europe. This Pilot Cities Programme is part of the EU Mission for 100 climate-neutral and smart cities (“EU Cities Mission”), providing €32 million in grants and hands-on support to cities. The call opens on September 5 and invites applications from all cities that are committing to the objectives of the EU Cities Mission and are located in EU Member States and Associated Countries.



"Smart cities and regions - Facilitating pilot projects" session's recording is available now!

On 12.10.22 FinEst Centre participated in EU Regions Week event with the session "Smart cities and regions - Facilitating pilot projects". This session focused on how to facilitate cross-border research and innovation pilot projects in European municipalities. In this session, we aimed to provide hands-on tools and methods through which local governments can transform themselves into living labs open to experimentation with novel #technologies. The pilot projects themselves can be small and agile with very limited resources or can be scaled up to large scale, research-intensive ones.

Watch interesting presentations and listen discussions HERE!



FinEst Seminar “Towards Autonomous and Sustainable Centre for Smart Cities”

On the 3rd of October REA's Widening team actively participated in a seminar titled 'Towards Autonomous and Sustainable Centre for Smart Cities' organised by the Teaming project FinEst Twins, led by Coordinator Dr. Ralf-Martin Soe, at Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) in Estonia. The event was highly political, directly linked to the Cities Mission and included large Smart Cities & FinEst Twins community and several invited speakers.​



You can now get Estonian weather data from FinEst Centre's homepage!

To gather the data we are using Urban Open Platform which fetches weather data from two different sources Road weather data and Estonian weather stations hourly. Data is exported monthly into two different files, one for Datex (Road weather data) and another for weather stations. Information can be downloaded from FinEst Centre’s weather data page. We also present the data using Power bi.

FinEst Centre started to collect the data as a use case.

You can find the weather data HERE!



FinEst Centre’s affiliated researcher won ERC grant!

Participation in the FinEst Twins gave Charalambous Themistoklis inspiration to apply for the prestigious European Research Council’s (ERC) grant successfully. ERC is one of the most competitive and attractive grants for researchers in Europe. Charalambous Themistoklis is a part of the FinEst Twins project as a Visiting Professor at Aalto University.



FinEst Centre's Innovators' Club second meeting, 08.08.2022

FinEst Centre Innovators' Club was established with a mission to share the results and knowledge from FinEst Centre's activities and to generate new projects that will build stronger collaboration within the FinEst Centre community.

Innovators´ Club's second meeting topic was FinEst Centre for Smart Cities' Large Pilot GreenTwins. The meeting was held on the 8th of September and 22 people participated from TalTech, Forum Virium Helsinki, Aalto University and Tallinn City.



FinEst Centre's projects DigiAudit and Microgrids piloting in Tartu City by Mr. Urmas Klaas

„In a situation where many cities are competing with each other in the realm of technology to become “smart”, Tartu has always set its focus on people. With this aim, Tartu has prioritized being an open environment to experience novel ideas.” says the Mayor of the City of Tartu, Mr. Urmas Klaas.

FinEst Centre is using Estonia towns as testbeds for projects. Two large-scale pilots have been initiated jointly with the FinEst Centre for Smart Cities in Tartu - Real-Time Building Performance Audit and Reducing Energy Supply Requirements Using Microgrids and Energy.

Listen more HERE!



Urban Planning Well-Being Score aka ‘City Resident – What Are You ACTUALLY Feeling’? 

Our society is becoming increasingly urbanised.  Public space, whether indoor or outdoor, plays an important role in our spiritual well-being and can facilitate socialisation and support a feeling of security. The living environment has certain characteristics that can be associated with negative or positive health, such as the effects of noise and vibration, landscaping and greenery, as well as the size of the living environment-residential area or the possibility of choosing between different routes of movement.

How does one gather objective feedback in such a situation, which can then be take into account in urban planning? For example, to assess, in as evidence-based a manner as possible, how city residents feel in the city’s main square, in the courtyard of a residential area, or in a park?



FinEst Centre participates in a new Horizon Europe project „EDIAQI“

The FinEst Centre, in collaboration with key researchers from TalTech, has received follow-up funding for the DigiAudit pilot. The new Horizon Europe project starts in Fall 2022 and lasts for four years, coordinated by Lisbon Council. The entire budget for this project is around 8 million euros and it involves partners from at least 10 European countries, including two partners from Estonia (TalTech and Thinnect). 



FinEst Centre for Smart Cities signed MOU with Externado de Colombia University

On 13.09.2022 Externado de Colombia University (UEC), represented by Dr. Hernando Parra Nieto, in his capacity as Rector, and FinEst Centre for Smart Cities represented by Dr. Ralf-Martin Soe as Founding Director signed Memorandum of Understanding.
Externado de Colombia University is a leader in the development of postgraduate courses in smart and sustainable cities in Colombia and Latin America.
FinEst Centre and UEC intend to discuss and explore the development of potential joint collaborations between themselves in the areas of research, education and training related to smart and sustainable cities.



FinEst Centre for Smart Cities is presenting in the European Week of Regions and Cities 2022 – registration is open!

FinEst Centre for Smart Cities workshop „Smart Cities and Regions - Facilitating Pilots“ is live on 12. October from 16:30 – 18:00 (Brussels time)!

This workshop is focusing on how to facilitate cross-border Research and Innovation Pilots in European municipalities. In this session, we aim to provide hands-on tools and methods on how local governments can transform themselves into living labs open to experimentation with novel technologies. The pilots themselves can be small and agile with very limited resources or then can be scaled up to large scale and research-intensive ones.