FinEst Piloting

Finest Centre will combine academic research and build synergies with innovation activities. The piloting programme the seed for these innovation activities.

The FinEst Piloting Programme consists of three types of pilots. FinEst Large Pilots and FinEst Medium Pilots are funded by European Regional Development Fund through Estonian Ministry of Education and Research. FinEst Mini-Pilots are funded by Horizon 2020.


These different pilots complement each other and aim to ignite a culture of exploration, experimentation and co-creation among FinEst Centre’s community and to create top quality research projects. 


For more information about the Piloting Programmes, contact the following people:

FinEst Large & Medium Pilots

Külle Tärnov

FinEst Mini-pilots

Peeter Lange

Anne-Mari Sandell

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FinEst Large Pilots & FinEst Medium Pilots

FinEst Centre for Smart Cities will invest up to 15 million euros to implement 10 FinEst Large Pilots to face urban challenges in the fields of mobility, energy, built environment, data and governance. This idea competition is based on the challenges mapped with local governments in Estonia. Each idea has to address at least one of the challenges via research and innovation activities and direct involvement of cities.  


During the broad and well-promoted open call for pilot ideas, we received 71 ideas for the 2020 smart city challenge. From these, four ideas were chosen - Real-Time Building Performance Audit; A Conceptual Ecosystem Solution to Transport System Management; Reducing Energy Supply Requirements Using Microgrids and Energy Storage and Tallinn-Helsinki Dynamic Green Information Model. 


FinEst Centre for Smart Cities is implementing these four projects in close cooperation with about 50 researchers from several institutes from Tallinn University of Technology and Aalto University. Külle Tärnov is leading this  programme and is contributing that these pilot projects to create practical results for the cities and build good ground for the sustainability of FinEst Centre. 


As the 2020 smart city challenge call for ideas was well competed, this left 67 potential ideas that met the pre-mapped urban challenges of 35 local governments and could have a piloting potential. Therefore, to find ideas for FinEst Medium Pilots, FinEst Centre re-evaluated the 67 ideas we had already received and chose two more ideas will be supported for the next 18 months. 


​ At this point, four FinEst Large Pilots are ongoing, you can find information about these here: 

FinEst Mini-Pilots

FinEst Mini-Pilots is one of the piloting programmes within the EU-funded FinEst Twins project. The programme aims to improve the urban ecosystem by catalysing innovation from current research to create successful start-up companies.

Mini-Pilots is looking for research-based ideas and concepts that can be developed into profitable businesses or otherwise contribute to urban development. Proposals can be related to the following research and innovation areas: 

  • Smart Mobility 

  • Smart Energy 

  • Built Environment 

  • Smart City Governance 

  • Urban Analytics & Data 

  • Health & Well-being 

  • Education 

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