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Are communication skills of smart city programmers just a separate thing?

Every time we plan and develop new smart city services or larger systems, programmers and several middle persons are needed. In case they do not understand each others fully, the big audience will get something else than planned. Among other things this question in mind, prof. Hadi Ghanbari from Aalto Biz, with his colleagues (Nana Assynea (as the first writer) and Mirja Pulkkinen) has published an academic article in Journal of Systems and Software (Vol. 185, Mar 2022) with a title: The state of research on software engineering competencies: A systematic mapping study.


Considering the critical role of software in modern societies, we face an urgent need to educate more competent software professionals. Software engineering competencies (SEC) are considered the backbone of successfully developing software products. Consequently, SEC has become a hotspot for software engineering research and practice. Although scientific literature on SEC is not lacking, to our knowledge, a comprehensive overview of the current state of SEC research is missing. To that end, we conducted an extensive and systematic review of the SEC literature. We provide an overview of the current state of research on SEC, with a particular focus on common SEC research areas. In addition to reporting the available SEC models and frameworks, we compile a list of 49 unique essential competencies of software professionals. Finally, we highlight several gaps in the literature that deserve further research. In particular, we call for a better understanding of how the essential competencies of software professionals change over time, as well as fresh accounts of the essential competencies of software professionals. Additionally, considering recent shifts toward Agile and DevOps methods, future research must explore the competencies required for developing software products in modern development environments.

See the whole paper:

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