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Updated: Dec 17, 2021

This Research Blog is a great new tool for communicating your smart city research to a wider audience, for example urban developers in cities. For this reason, you should also include a slightly popularized abstract that describes the larger framework of your publication and indicates the practical or otherwise important benefits of the idea or result of your publication. DOI link will bring the readers to the text (open access, of course), whether it is in the journal, or, for instance, in the publication series of your department.

Also, you can add links to your related publications or images, diagrams or embed YouTube videos. And, readers of this blog can comment your publications.

There will be (at least) two categories of publications in this blog.

1. Those discussing within one discipline (long list).

2. Those discussing with and solving wicked urban problems in a multi- or interdisciplinary way (shortlist).

By the way, here you can see all publications funded by the FinEst Twins project from the very beginning (Dec 2021) until May 2021)


Based on this blog, also this cordis list will be gradually updated.

Last but not least! Showing your publications here is not just a great opportunity. It is also an obligatory thing for every researcher, PhD Candidate etc. being funded by the FinEst Twins project or FinEst Centre.