Renovation Strategy Tool

RESTO - FinEst Mid-Size Pilot - FinEst Centre for Smart Cities


Project Leader

Targo Kalamees

Einari Kisel.jpg

Project Leader

Einari Kisel

REnovation Strategy TOol (RESTO) pilot aims to develop an innovative digital platform for municipal decision-makers that would allow them to optimize required investments into their building stock. Pilot is carried out together with Võru city government in their town centre. RESTO would allow to evaluate the impact of alternatives in connection to different aspects such as technology, building and infrastructure design, urban  planning, and  business  models. Furthermore, utilising the digital twin data from the Building Registry and other public databases makes it possible  to  identify  optimal  configurations  that  allow to  account predefined limitations like availability of funds, energy performance ambition, environmental goals etc. In other words, RESTO would  allow  municipalities  to define, generate, simulate and quantitatively analyse renovation scenarios adapted to specific districts and buildings in order to make sensible investment decisions.

The pilot project is led by Targo Kalamees and Einari Kisel.

The pilot program is funded by the European Regional Development Fund and the Estonian Ministry of Research and Education.