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Research & Innovation Seminar (RIS) is a fruitful combination of deep academic research and innovations, a more practical approach to development of cities and companies. Integration or even co-living of these two visions is not an easy task. Which is why we are rehearsing, elaborating and practising it in a series of seminars. These seminars are facilitated by Kalle Toiskallio and Matti Hämäläinen in the Kalasatama Urban Lab, Helsinki or TalTech, Tallinn

RIS is part of FinEst Centre for Smart Cities activities in collaboration with TalTech, Aalto University and Forum Virium Helsinki.

RIS sessions


The very first session of RIS was held on the 30. June 2020.

One purpose of RIS is to create connections between researchers, and especially between researchers and urban developers. We believe that one strong topic of matchmaking is data. Researchers need it, cities and companies have it. The latter ones do not always have resources to fully utilise their data, so we see here a potential setting for collaboration.

Autumn 2020 / Spring 2021: Data Stories

The theme of these series of RIS was Data Stories. That means experiences and insights of researchers and urban developers from cities and companies, dealing with whatever type of data. We are usually happy to tell success stories. However, difficulties and even failure cases can be very interesting too.

Watch these RIS sessions:

Autumn 2021 / Winter 2022: City issues

As the pilots financed by FinEst Centre are developing, we brought the discussion of the city challenges that catalysed them. Researchers in charge of these pilots have joined in the discussion to comment on how they are doing, what challenges they have faced and how they see the future of their projects.

Watch these RIS sessions:

Spring 2022

In this series of RIS we are encourage collaboration between researchers and their projects.

Information about next RIS sessions is available in Events page

Watch these RIS sessions:

All RIS sessions are available in FinEst Centre YouTube channel

How to participate?

Stay tuned on our social media and our events page, where we publish the dates and locations of all the FinEst Centre's RIS, conferences and webinars. You can also suggest new topics, join the discussions or invite guests into future RIS sessions.

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